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Community Partner Information

As part of the Rocky Mountain Rail Authority’s High-Speed Rail Feasibility Study we have invited key organizations throughout the state to participate in our Community Partnership Program. This collaborative effort aims to engage community leaders statewide in the study.

Community Partnership Program participant organizations can:

We are committed to conducting this study in an open, transparent and collaborative manner. Partnering with key organizations from across the state to get more people engaged in the study is a critical part of that effort.

If you have any questions about the study or are interested in participating in the Community Partnership Program, please email

Adobe pdfRMRA Outreach Presentation September 2008

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Corridor Input Teams

In addition to the Community Partnership Program, the Rocky Mountain Rail Authority High-Speed Rail Feasibility Study team has formed three Corridor Input Teams (I-25 Corridor, I-70 Corridor and Denver Metro Area) to provide the study team with input at key milestones in their analysis. The RMRA is coordinating their Corridor Input Teams through the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs) in both corridors, as well as the I-70 Coalition in the I-70 mountain corridor. Membership in RMRA is not required to participate in a Corridor Input Team.

Every municipality, transit/transportation agency, MPO and TPR in the I-70 and I-25 corridors was invited to appoint one elected official and/or one senior staff member as their official representatives on the appropriate Corridor Input Team. These representatives will represent their constituencies at three meetings occurring during the study.

In September 2008, the first round of Corridor Input Team meetings were held as part of the study scoping process.  Input received during the meeting was incorporated into the Scoping Report (Adobe pdf here).  Presentation materials from the meetings are available (Adobe pdf here).

In December 2008, the second round of Corridor Input Team meetings were held.  The meetings provided input on the alternatives that are to be evaluated by the study consultant.  Presentation materials from the meetings are available (Adobe pdf here).

In April 2009, a third round of Corridor Input Team meetings were held to see.k input on alternatives that should be retained for further analysis. Presentation materials from the meetings are available (Adobe pdf here).

For more information please email

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Fact Sheets

 RMRA periodically provided Fact Sheets to provide general project information. Click on the links below for recent Fact Sheets.

Adobe pdfRail Feasibility Study Fact Sheet

Adobe pdfRMRA Alternatives Fact Sheet

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Disclaimer: The presentations on the RMRA website are preliminary and do not include all the data and analyses planned for the project.  Presentations are provided for informational purposes on the RMRA High Speed Rail Feasibility Study.  The presentations show preliminary results of work being undertaken. Furthermore, these interim presentations are not approved by the Study Steering Committee or the RMRA Board.