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Study Results

The feasibility study will identify an optimum high speed rail system alternative(s), with a clear rationale for the elimination of screened alternatives, and prepare a final evaluation of the feasibility of those system(s). It is recognized that the feasibility analysis conducted as part of the feasibility study will contain many contingencies and uncertainties. For this reason, the TEMS Team will identify and assess the risks and uncertainties that will influence the project’s feasibility as it progresses through further development. For example, examination of the feasibility of rail service in the I-25 corridor must take into account any likelihood for the relocation of rail freight service to a new corridor east of Denver. The final evaluation must clearly identify the risks (e.g., availability of freight railroad trackage and right-of-way) and propose strategies for reducing the impact of those risks.

Because a principal objective of the study is to position the Colorado corridors to be added to the nation’s prospective high rail corridors, the final evaluation must provide clear and concise responses to FRA’s public/private partnership criteria and the six factors regarding high speed rail feasibility. During conduct of the study, the TEMS Team will coordinate with FRA and CDOT to ascertain expectations in this regard.

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Alternatives under Consideration

Alternatives that are a combination of alignment (where the trains would run), technology (what type of equipment will be considered), and operating plans (how frequently will trains run) are currently being developed. Alternative alignments will take into consideration previous and ongoing studies, to identify feasible corridors in both the I-25/Front Range corridor, the I-70/Mountain corridor, and the Denver metro area.

On November 1, the Feasibility Study Steering Committee met in an all-day Alternatives Workshop to consider preliminary recommendations by the feasibility study consultant. Presentation material provided by the study consultant is available here. Comments offered by workshop participants during the workshop are being evaluated by the study consultant and final recommendations for alternatives to be evaluated will be documented in an Alternatives Development Technical Report, which will be posted on the web site when accepted by the steering committee.

On April 24, 2009 the study consultant led a workshop for RMRA Board and Steering Committee members to review alternatives analysis results. Workshop results are being carried to Corridor Input Team meetings for further comment and will be narrowed by the Steering Committee for further analysis in the study business plan.  Click below for workshop presentations.

Adobe pdfAlternatives Development Workshop Presentation (11/01/08)

Adobe pdf Alternatives Evaluation Workshop, April 2009 (am)

Adobe pdf Alternatives Evaluation Workshop, April 2009 (pm)

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Service Plan Information

 Service plans including assumptions regarding train speeds and frequency of service between stations for the various alternatives under consideration will be developed by the TEMS team following selection of alignment alternatives. Information on service plans will be provided at a later time.

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Possible Station Locations

Potential station locations reflecting community desires as well as opportunities provided by alternative alignments are being identified during the study. A significant activity for the rail feasibility study team is coordination with the Transit – Land Use study being prepared by the I-70 Coalition (I-70 Coalition). Potential station locations will also reflect the ridership potential of the communities.  Information on stations will be provided at a later time.

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Rail Technologies

Detailed information on the rail technologies being considered in RMRA’s rail feasibility study will be posted here at a later date. Preliminary information can be found in the TEMS’ presentation to the Feasibility Study Steering Committee on September 26, 2008 (see our Progress page, under Feasibility Study Steering Committee.

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Disclaimer: The presentations on the RMRA website are preliminary and do not include all the data and analyses planned for the project.  Presentations are provided for informational purposes on the RMRA High Speed Rail Feasibility Study.  The presentations show preliminary results of work being undertaken. Furthermore, these interim presentations are not approved by the Study Steering Committee or the RMRA Board.