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Listed below are links to other related websites.


For a look at other transportation development activities that are relevant to RMRA’s rail feasibility efforts, please view the view other web sites through the links below.  


The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is actively engaged in development of high speed rail. To review recent FRA activities, see the FRA web site. In April 2009, the US Department of Transportation submitted its vision for High Speed Rail in America report to Congress as mandated by the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  That act authorized $8 billion to advance high speed rail in the US.  A link to the report is provided below.

High Speed Rail, Other States

Other states and regions are actively pursuing high speed rail service. The links below will take you to a few examples.

Rail Passenger Organizations

There are several organizations working to promote expanded passenger rail service in the US.


High speed rail in Colorado will likely require close coordination with the state’s leading freight railroads, the Union Pacific and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. The Association of American Railroads is an industry group representing most major railroads.


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Disclaimer: The presentations on the RMRA website are preliminary and do not include all the data and analyses planned for the project.  Presentations are provided for informational purposes on the RMRA High Speed Rail Feasibility Study.  The presentations show preliminary results of work being undertaken. Furthermore, these interim presentations are not approved by the Study Steering Committee or the RMRA Board.