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Project Scope and Objectives

The State of Colorado has awarded funds to Rocky Mountain Rail Authority (RMRA), an
intergovernmental authority that was created for the purpose of conducting a study of the feasibility of providing high speed passenger rail service along Colorado’s Front Range from Wyoming to New Mexico and along the I-70 Corridor from Denver to the Utah state border. The Rail Feasibility Study scope includes the assessment of the feasibility of providing intercity rail service in these corridors and will address feasibility factors relating to Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) High Speed Rail Designation for each project corridor.

The rail feasibility study will answer the following questions:

When the study is completed, the RMRA Board will evaluate the study findings and based on those findings, consider the appropriate course of action for the RMRA organization.  If supported by the study, RMRA will make a formal request to the FRA for consideration of the 11th High Speed Rail Corridor Designation for the Rocky Mountain Corridor and continue to pursue passenger rail in Colorado.

Objectives of the rail feasibility study are discussed here.

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Project Schedule and Status

The rail feasibility study was initiated in the summer of 2008 and is expected to be completed in approximately 10 months. The study phases and anticipated duration are shown below.

Project Schedule

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Feasibility Study Steering Committee

A steering committee comprised of representatives of RMRA’s member agencies meets monthly to review study progress and to direct activities of the study consultant. Study consultant presentations are provided below. Steering Committee minutes are available (Adobe pdfhere.

Adobe pdfTEMS Presentation to the RMRA Steering Committee, 5/30/08 outlining the Rail Study Process

Adobe pdf TEMS Presentation 07/18/08

Adobe pdfFeasibility Study Update Presentation 08/22/08

Adobe pdfFeasibility Study Update Presentation 09/26/08

Adobe pdfFeasibility Study Update Presentation 10/24/2008

Adobe pdfFeasibility Study Update Presentation 11/21/2008

Adobe pdfFeasibility Study Update Presentation 11/23/2009

Adobe pdfFeasibility Study Update Presentation 01/23/2009

Adobe pdfFeasibility Study Update Presentation 02/27/2009

Adobe pdfFeasibility Study Update Presentation 05/01/2009

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Peer Review Panel

An independent peer review panel is being used to improve the study process by allowing review of study assumptions, databases, technical methodology, and study outputs produced by the study team. Key areas for the peer review includes travel demand, revenues forecasting systems alternative technology, operating assumptions, and evaluation options and overall system design, cost, finance and implementation. These represent the key elements of the study and the peer review process will help to ensure the most effective range of options, alternatives, and methodologies are adopted for the study. The panel will meet twice on each subject, first to review study methodologies and second to review the study results. The first panel session was held on November 19 and 20, 2008 (click Adobe pdf here to view a summary report). The second peer review panel meeting is scheduled for May 20 and 21 in Denver.

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Study Documents

 Products of the rail feasibility study are a series of technical reports and a final report. Links to these documents will be provided below as they are completed and reviewed by the Feasibility Study Steering Committee. In addition, the study consultant led an Alternatives Evaluation Workshop on April 24, 2009; presentation slides are also included.

Adobe pdf RMRA Rail Feasibility Study RFP and Scope of Work

Adobe pdf TEMS Proposal

Adobe pdf TEMS Proposal Presentation

Adobe pdf Project Management Plan

Adobe pdf Stakeholder Outreach Approach Report

Adobe pdf Corridor Input Team - Scoping Meeting Draft September 8, 2008

Adobe pdf Methodology Technical Report, October 2008

Adobe pdf Scoping Report, October 2008

Adobe pdf Existing Conditions Report, October 2008

Adobe pdf Alternative Development Report, November 2008

Adobe pdf Alternatives Evaluation Workshop, April 2009 (am)

Adobe pdf Alternatives Evaluation Workshop, April 2009 (pm)

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Disclaimer: The presentations on the RMRA website are preliminary and do not include all the data and analyses planned for the project.  Presentations are provided for informational purposes on the RMRA High Speed Rail Feasibility Study.  The presentations show preliminary results of work being undertaken. Furthermore, these interim presentations are not approved by the Study Steering Committee or the RMRA Board.